The Science ABCs

About the Science ABCs

Welcome to the Science ABCs! As you know, I’m a former elementary school teacher and current science nerd with two little girls at home. Traditional preschool doesn’t work for our family dynamic, so we’ve decided to do our own version of homeschool preschool.

And just like that, the Science ABCs were born. Each unit focuses on a new letter and corresponding science topic. I’ll be sharing those here for FREE, with links to resources from other educators, physical resources we’ve used, and my own supplemental materials.

I hope this will bloom into a collaborative community, where other homeschool families will follow along and share their experiences too. Please don’t hesitate to connect, ask questions, share resources, take an active part in the Science ABCs development!

The Units

A is for Astronomy
B is for Big Bang
C is for Coding
D is for Data
E is for Evolution
F is for Food Chain
G is for Geology
H is for Habitats
I is for Insects
J is for Jurassic
K is for Kinetic Energy
L is for Light
M is for Matter
N is for Nutrition
O is for Oceans
P is for Plants
Q is for Questioning
R is for Reptiles
S is for Sound
T is for Tectonics
U is for Units of Measurement
V is for Volcanoes
W is for Weather
X is for X-Ray
Y is for You
Z is for Zoology

How to Use the Science ABCs

The short answer is: any way you want.

I organized them alphabetically for navigation’s sake, but they can be presented in the order that works best for you. Each unit can stand alone and I’ll note when there’s background knowledge needed from other units.

The units are arranged into a weekly plan that works for my family. While there is some method to the madness and I hope you find value in all of the activities I present, please feel free to take what you need and leave the rest. Like I note in all of my unit plans, learning isn’t one size fits all.

General Resources

As I create new resources, I’ll add them here. In the meantime, check out the information page about creating the Science ABCs Book to accompany the units!