The Science ABCs Book

As you’re following along with the Science ABCs units, this is a fun way to keep all of your projects and learning organized!


What You’ll Need

  • card stock (or construction paper) in various shades
  • binder
  • 3-hole punch or plastic sleeves
  • tempera paint
  • markers


How to Build the Book

This isn’t a project to sit down and do all at once. It should be an all year project that grows with your little scientist’s knowledge!

Each Science ABCs unit closes out with an activity to create a letter page. It’s usually a handprint or footprint that will be turned into a thematic picture to commemorate the science topic they learned about.

By the time you finish the program, you’ll have your own completed ABC book!


What to Include in the Book

You can, of course, just do the letter pages and call it done. It can be so much more than that though – it can also act as a scrapbook of all the work they’ve done!

I use each letter page as a “divider”. Behind it, I include her projects, artwork, and any other work we did, along with memorabilia from any “field trips” we took. I also like to jot down notes about each unit – what she really enjoyed, what we did, what we watched, etc.


Printable Pages

Download My Science ABCs Book Cover Here

Download All About This Week Page Here