33 Nerdy Science Gifts for Kids This Easter

Oh, Easter. Little wicker baskets full of chocolate and bunny-and-chick-themed junk. It floats around the house to be thrown away by the end of Spring Break, am I right? Why not science gifts?

After the first Easter basket junk explosion, I vowed to do it differently! Now, my girls get one “large” gift to share and a few small items to enjoy beyond Easter. I try to focus on things that will last the season (let alone the week) and bring continuous fun!

Here’s my list of 33 favorites to stuff your kids’ baskets with this Easter!

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The Science Mom’s Favorite Easter Basket Gifts


The Science Kids are obsessed with stickers and other activity books. I love them too, because they double as educational and fun for my kids. They also travel well, so I can stick one in my purse on our way out the door. And when they’re done, most can be thrown away (I’m Team No-Clutter-If-I-Can-Help-It!).

My favorite sticker books

My Favorite Activity Books

My Favorite Coloring Books


Discovery TOOLS & TOYS

I sometimes use holiday gifts as an excuse to buy a “bigger” gift that we’ve been wanting. These all fit that bill perfectly! These are gifts that can continue to be used and enjoyed!

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Set – This set is perfect for your little scientists. I love it so much that I’ve talked about it before in my 5 Science Gifts for Tiny Toddler Scientists post!

It’s the perfect combination of durable and chunky, making it really easy for little hands.

You can also get the Lab Gear to complete the set, or even upgrade to the Deluxe Lab Set!


Educational Insights Geosafari Motorized Solar System Kit – I’ve used this in my classroom and it’s stood up to lots of elementary schoolers.

The planets really move (and at different speeds too!) and the sun doubles as a mini planetarium, projecting stars!

Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab Kit – This kit comes with 124 magnets of all kinds, including wands, marbles, chips, and horseshoes.

I love how magnets really encourage discovery and experimentation through play. Even as an adult, I love to play with magnets!

4M Tin Can Robot – I mean, what’s more fun than building your own robot? This kit also allows for some imagination and customization. That means your little scientist can build their very own, unique tin can robot.

This is one of a few different 4M tin can robots, so they can add to their robot army, if they feel so inclined!

4M also makes a bunch of other robotics kits, like the Table Top Robot, the Doodling Robot, and a Solar Robot!


We are completely obsessed with this LEGO Women of NASA set. I mean, it doesn’t get any cooler than this! These mini-builds feature the Hubble Space Telescope with Nancy Grace Roman, the Space Shuttle Challenger with Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, and a representation of the Apollo Guidance Computer’s onboard flight source code with Margaret Hamilton!



The Science Kids are plush junkies. They expect them at every holiday and Easter is no exception. Here are a few of our favorites!

The Celestial Buddies are snuggly little pieces of space that look like the real celestial bodies they’re meant to represent and feature cute little faces too.

You can collect all eight planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth (and our Sun and Moon), Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune – and dwarf planet Pluto (and its largest moon, Charon), as well as a Black Hole and Comet!

We also love this plush Cuddle Zoo Space Shuttle. It actually features the NASA logo on its wing! Ruby got it as a souvenir on one our last trips to Infinity Science Center at Stennis Space Center!

If biology is more your thing, you have to check out GiantMicrobes! They come in a bunch of different sizes, from tiny to extra large.

I personally love the mini gift boxes for their variety, like the Blood Cells (red blood cell, white blood cell, plasma, platelet, and antibody), Body Cells (bone, fat, nerve, hair, and muscle), and Organ Cells (heart, brain, skin, liver, and pancreas). You can also get them in keychain form, like this DNA one, if your little scientist is in to fluffy keychains on their backpacks like Ruby is. The regular sized GiantMicrobes come in all kinds of fun and/or interesting microbe forms, like Vitamin CMRSA, and the heart. Ruby’s favorite is the XL Penicillin plush though.

Similarly, you can find just about any plush organ you can dream of from I Heart Guts, complete with cute names!

I love their All You Need is Lobe brain, I Lung Rock n Roll lung, and Party Pupil in the House eyeball!


What are your kids getting for easter? Leave a comment and share!


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