Experiment Your Way Through the Summer

It’s summer time, which means many afternoons spent soaking in the sun in our backyard. It just so happens that the backyard is the perfect science lab for young scientists!

IMG_0127We’ll be working our way through some of my favorite toddler-friendly science experiments this summer and sharing our successes (and failures) on the blog. Hopefully, we’ll inspire you to join in and share your favorites with us on social media or in the comment sections here on the blog!

Not sure where to start? Have no fear. Check out The Science Mom’s Pinterest boards for age-appropriate experiments or head to your local bookstore for fun books of science experiments. You can find a lot of your supplies at the local dollar store! I stopped into ours this morning and got approximately 10 experiments’ worth of supplies for less than $20. Many of the items will be things you have (or will use) around the house anyway.¬†Want something with less room for error? Head to Amazon or your local toy store for a prepackaged “science kit” with directions and supplies ready to go.

Stay tuned for posts with our experiment schedule, book recommendations, and kit suggestions to get you started!



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